Friday, March 28, 2014

     It's almost time to start the 30 day countdown to "artreach"...the first art ministry trip abroad. I am so thankful to be under the umbrella of Yakima Foursquare Church & to be supporting by the amazing community in the Yakima Valley. When I return I will be more fully equipped to plant seeds for the beginning of an art ministry with which we will have the opportunity to serve families with children who have serious illness in our community and in Seattle through the following ways:
1. hosting respite nights when families can take a step away from their daily journey & learn to be creative in new ways, whether it be fine art or art & craft projects for adults and kids
2. making art for the annual "heART" show. Funds raised through this event will provide gas cards for & help meet the needs of families with children with serious illness
3. begin gathering people who will be ready to make freezer meals ready when a family calls in need of some extra support
2. giving fine art mini print packs containing image specifically created to encourage these families
3. beginning to study how to educate the Church about care for those who face long term illness
and we will be developing a team of artists to create work as a part of worship at YFC!
    I am signed up for two sessions during the Holy Trinity Brompton Leadership Conference, one with Matt Redman & Tim Hughes (the worship leader at Holy Trinity Brompton), who will be speaking having a vision of creativity in the life of the Church. I will also be attending a seminar led by Mike Pilavachi about having the supernatural be an everyday part of life, bringing the Holy Spirit a vital part of my everyday walk & equipping me to share that vision with young artists. Mike is founder and leader of Soul Survivor, a youth organisation seeking to reach, disciple, equip and empower young people to make a difference in their generation. He is also an author and international speaker.These are just a few of many speakers who will teach througout the conference. I can't wait to bring my notebook and soak in every minute! After the conference, I will stay in London to work with some folks at HTB & to share what is happening lately and partake in some creative fellowship with Art House, a faith and arts gathering through HTB.
     I've been blessed with a specific contact at VineLife church in Manchester, who will join me in meeting with the people who will make a long term partnership with "artreach" & through which we will be giving fine art mini print packs to children with long term illness in their community. I may have the opportunity to have a little marymakesart show whilst in Manchester at The Anchor, a local coffee house. I'll be blessed with the opportunity to share a series of art which I created specifically for VineLife & have the chance to share about the potential for linking churches with local groups who support families journeying through chronic illness.
     From there I will fly to Germany to meet with folks at YWAM Herrnhut, an arts based community who train young people from all over the world to encourage others as they take what they have learned in Herrnhut all over the world. I have been blessed to learn alot about this community through  Brian Stoothoff, who has just returned from serveral months of training and missions with  his gift of photography. Together we'll be sharing about our growth as creatives in years to come as he travels from another aspect of learning & ministry in Canada, then moving back to Germany to continue working with YWAM. I am learning so much about what YWAMers learn in Herrnhut and will be bringing art as a permanent gift there as well as having the opportunity to share about the potential for art ministry in the Church worldwide!
ps: We will be having a duo fundraiser at Yakima Foursquare Church this Sunday!
     All the while, we've been planning as a family. It takes a whole village to support Brian and the kids while I am blessed with the gift of being able to travel. I am really really blessed and thankful!
     A new partnership is being formed with "The Print Guys", a printing business in Yakima, who will be producing hopefully thousands of packs with 10 mini prints containing images specifically created to encourage children with serious illness & their families. I am so excited to 'go local' and utilize the amazing quality prints this business produces. The end goal is to give a print pack to families all over the world, whether it be to those who are checking into houses which they will stay in during their child's stay in hospital or along with medical  missionaries who visit sick children all over the world. God has reminded me to think big. If you or your business would like to sponser one or more print packs, please send $10 or more and make your check to "Yakima Foursquare Church", leaving the note area bland. Checks can be sent to: Mary Portteus, 608a South 45th Ave, Yakima, Wa. 98908 or you can click on a print pack on (i'll be listing these by mid April) and pay via your debit or credit card. You can also come to "arterra", an art & wine fundraiser the Brian and I will be hosting at 901 Pasta in Yakima, specifically to raise funds for the creation of print packs.
     Well, I am grateful to have the stamina to type for this long but the Ankylosing Spondylitis is telling me to stope typing and rest my fingers and wrists. I hope this has given you an update of what's happening & exciting opportunities on the horizon!
With anticipation,


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