Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Building Excitement

Here are two new dolls! I have had the best time screening over the past few days and these are the result! Next it's cutting fabric and getting friends together for a stuff and fluff party ;D We gave the first dolls to two patients and had a chance to say hello to their families at St. Alphonsus, Nampa. What an incredible opportunity...the father of one of the children had to spend a lot of time in a children's hospital when he was young. His reaction to being given a doll for his baby son was what this is all about...he was very touched and I hope that their family was encouraged during a very rough time. We hope the doll serves a a memory of God touching a moment in the life of this family...a knowledge that at this time they were covered in prayer. I am preparing to meet with someone at Seattle Children's Hospital who can give me advice on how best to present the hope+healing project to hospitals both nationally and internationally. I am full of excitement and possibility for what is happening! And I have much to learn...

Friday, September 10, 2010

oh happiness!

This blog is a continuation of "a stitch in time". As I look at the beautiful photographs taken by my friend David, I am struck by how they have influenced my color choices for the textile/crewel series. As I flipped through pages of a journal I kept as the hope+healing project began I can see all the colors for Appleton crewel wool I put on a wish list before I saw the Dave's photographs...they very much are the colors that Dave saw and captured during his time at Yellowstone. It is exciting to see these contemplative moments in nature be given another life on linen. I am looking forward to seeing what God does with all of these beautiful images and the effect they will have on patients and their families. As I create, I will post pictures on facebook and the blog. Oh happiness, there's grace...enough for us and the whole human race!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

a stitch in time

as i begin this journey of embroidery/creweling work on the next series of hospital art...i am reminded of how it slows me down. each stitch brings me to a time when all the other things were stripped away--electronics, machine noise, etc. this hearkens back to days of bed rest when my body had been only weeks out of surgery. the pace of life changes and we are urged to look at one moment at a time. my friend dave says he likes the small, intimate moments in nature and that's why some of his nature-inspired pictures look like small abstract paintings rather than sweeping landscapes. these crewel work pieces are bringing that to mind...quiet moments observing aspects of creation...these works will be very organic. hopefully they will remind patients, their families, caregivers and loved ones to take the slow quiet moments and listen for what can happen during those times. in this sense, as i work with two ply appleton creweling wool, a needle and a piece of linen, i am reminded to pay attention to the details. then, when those moments of meditation pass, the larger picture can be looked upon as being made of a thousand small moments...which is what a contemplative life should be about...realizing that each moments counts for something which makes up a whole lifetime. i am a different person today because i have been given the opportunity to slow down--be it resting a knee after surgery or having to lay flat with abdominal stitches--and i can take those moments to reflect on the goodness around me. this is the life i am given. i hope that when the pace quickens, the part of me which is full of all those meditative moments, can apply what i've learned to every situation that comes around. i've posted pictures on my facebook if you'd like to see the progress and will post here very soon. thanks for taking time to slow down and read my thoughts. hopefully they have encouraged you somehow...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the kindest way to be crewel

After a lovely relaxing time in the mountains, I am ready to go! Our first fundraiser was a success and I am so thankful to all of you who helped!!! There is a lot in process right now...looking forward to new studio space, the possibility of going non-profit and creating a new series based on crewel work (a kind of embroidery)...12 new pieces all hand stitched! We have also finished the color book and are excited to have it available online soon! More to come this weekend with news about the second giving of dolls and color books in Boise and hopefully Seattle at the end of the month!