Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We've been busy!

As I sit at my favorite coffee place, the Flying M Coffee Garage in Nampa, Idaho, I am reminded how incredible community is. Over the past few weeks we've had stuff and fluff gatherings, a fund raiser, shops carrying dolls (The White Pine in Nampa and both Flying M locations in Nampa & Boise!) to raise funds for the project. I am grateful to CWC for new studio and production space! We have just moved all of our creativeness over to this space (picture coming soon), which is peaceful and perfect for creating several of the items we will be giving to encourage hospital patients and caregivers.
New to the project is a wonderful photographer, Mary Spears, whose photograph you will see soon alongside several paintings I worked on during the first three weeks of healing after surgery 6 months ago. (again, picture coming soon...maybe i'll take a picture of the pieces in the studio space :D) I was surprised by how emotional it was to view the vulnerable aspect of these pieces. They were taken to invite the viewer into a moment when the patient (that was me) was not able to control the environment and still convey the peace that God is in control in our most vulnerable moments and provides community to help during those moments...whether they be caregivers that we meet for a moment or friends who visit regularly during hospital stays...or a spouse who gives the patient a drink of water when she is unable to do that basic act for herself. In any case, we run into so many situations where we need that kind of saving...when our humanity is unable to function...which can happen physically, spiritually, mentally and in other ways. I invite the viewer into this experience with me, as we do not usually find ourselves sharing this kind of intimacy with a person in the hospital. It can reveal that vulnerable part of ourselves which we can all relate to.
Currently, I am filling out the many papers and forms involved in becoming a non-profit. I discovered a wonderful website in idahononprofit that has been very helpful in directing me to the correct forms and offers a wealth of information about what a non-profit needs to operate effectively. We will be at: marymakesart for the hope+healing project, 1004 4th Street South, Nampa, Idaho, 83651. If you would like to send any contributions, we would love to send you a beautiful handmade bird ornament, which will be described in the next blog to come!