Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let my love open the door to your heart

Since I last entered a post, I have been resting and saving what pain free time I have for my family. As we receive our internet from our local favorite coffee place, the Flying M, sometimes it takes me a while to get here and post. But here I am, six days before surgery, one morning after the hilarious funeral my girlfriends threw for the ovary that is going away (that's a good thing, at this point...but we are holding out for healing in any form God chooses!). One of the benefits of quieting myself between writings is that God gives me all sorts of lovely ideas to work on whilst reclined. The latest of these came when I listened to Sondre Lerche's version of "Let My Love Open the Door to Your Heart" this artist's version from the Dan in Real Life sound track. Anyhoo, whenever I hear those lyrics I think of how Jesus is saying the same thing to all of us everyday at every moment. I have struggled with my heart becoming slightly know...those moments where one feels like they've just had enough. Every time this happens Jesus puts these lyrics into my head and reminds me to keep up with the act of 'reclined creating' ;D rather than just lying down and giving up. Picutred here is the beautiful result. I see hundreds and hundreds of these being given to patients who are exhausted from days on end of pain...with notes of prayer inside from folks who are praying for hope & healing to those who are suffering. If you would like to become a partner in praying about and writing a note to someone in the hospital, please leave your address. I'll send you a little "door note" , which has an expandable inside note ready for you to write in. In turn, you'll send it back to me and it will make its way to a patient! How exciting is this!!!???