Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Hospital Exhibition

This month a show bearing the culmination of the journey of healing thus far is hung at St. Alphonsus Hospital in Boise. While dear friends of mine helped put the pictures into place (a special thanks included to the volunteer department at St. Als!), doctors, hospital staff and patients walked by, took it all in and filled the hall with comments of having been encouraged and inspired. This is the purpose of the exhibition--to bring life, color, hope & encouragement into a place where fear and the unknown are often prevelant. I was in tears, feeling closure to this chapter of the journey. Of course, six weeks later, I hope that this has been the last surgery...but I am encouraged either way. I have experienced more hope and goodness than pain. I hope I can pass this along through the show...and many more to come!

post surgery

so much has happened since this picture was taken. first off, this is the best i've looked after coming off of anesthesia ever. i was so thankful to feel good and go home that day. the surgery went well and hopefully it will be the last of six along this journey. a cure to pelvic adhesive disease continues to be a bit elusive. regarding healing, we pray that this is it! so far so good. i am learning and have learned patience in the midst of waiting, calm in the midst of pain, the ability to slow down with more grace than i previously had (still learning on this one). again, thank you to everyone who has offered support during another step along the way. we are thankful for family and friends who are with us always.