Saturday, November 16, 2013 the dreams are coming alive! it's been a long time...thanks for checking in! since the last blog i have undergone quite a continuing journey with the ankylosing spondyloarthritis diagnosis. but with a new med and a ton of prayer i am getting back on track and looking forward to this wonderful trip to england in may! please click on the link and consider trading your cuppa of the day for a $5 investment into a lifechanging, fruit bearing trip! i will fly across the pond to attend a leadership conference ( in prep for being an arts leader at my community: yakima foursquare church. i will also be presenting a series of paintings to vinelife church in manchester, speaking with students about using their gifting to encourage kids with long term illness & presenting these bravery badges to families  of those experiencing the journey of serious illness through Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. more to come soon and more frequent blogs happening this season! -mary 

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